Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Churches, Monasteries, Monks and Nuns!

June 12, 2012
 Reflections from Jane

As we travel through Romania my thoughts are not of pleasant things. I look at the faces of the people and think you or your relatives turned on my family. They sent them to labor camps in Transnistria and to Auschwitz.
Great Synagogue Targu Mures: Locked

There is no trace of the Jews of Romania. The Synagogues are gone turned into Ecological Centers or warehouses or simply torn down.

I realize now that it was the Romanians not the Germans who rounded up the Jews and put them to hard labor or death.

Do the young people know what that generation did? If it is like Poland there is denial everywhere.

To completely wipe out a culture and religion from your own country and now you go to chruch, now you cross yourself everytime you walk by a cross or image of Jesus do you think of the Jews of Romania.

Elections in Romania for Mayor of various cities:

Who Won? I asked

The desk clerk at the pension said:

We Did, The Romanians! Even the Hungarians voted for him. Not that I am racist or anything but he was re-elected and he is one of us ROMANIAN.

Not only the Austria Hungarian empire bordewrs change but the Hungarian Jews were regarded as less than the Romanians because they were Hungarian Jews.

Thus have I learned about the country of my forefathers.

Who won? I asked

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