Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pompeii: A Post from the Past

17 June 2012, Pompeii, Italy
Marie and Betty, 1934

In the summer of 1934, my mother Marie DiMeglio, her sister Betty and their father Pasquale traveled to Naples ans Ischia.  On July 10, they visited Pompeii.  This is what Marie posted to her daily diary, the blog of the past.

Vesuvius slumbers
July 10, 1934, Tuesday
Coupla folks at Pompeii

          "Today is my birthday-18 yrs old. Today we started out early and went by car to Vesuvius and Pompeii. An Australian young man came with us. He was cute. Up Vesuvius, we went in a funiculare and went right up to the top. We could see the fire come right out. Then, we had lunch at Vesuvius. We went to a coral factory and Dad got me a ring and a bracelet, both very pretty. In the afternoon we went to Pompeii and walked and walked thru the ruins. Then we went back to Naples and had supper."

Marie DiMeglio
Jeanne at Pompeii, 2012



  1. Seems we Simonelli's have a built in love for Aussie's going way back! ;-)

  2. my family is so beautiful! I would love a copy of grandmas
    diary if that's possible