Saturday, June 23, 2012


23 June 2012
Villa Ravino, Forio Ischia

The Sea
A fine breeze is finally blowing, cooling the heat saturated air over the gardens of the Villa Ravino.  We are waiting to go down to catch the ferry to return to the crazed streets of Naples.  We are told that there are lovely parts of the city, but we are headed only to the train and then back to Rome.  Barring strikes, demonstrations and other Neopolitan past times, we'll be back in Rome this afternoon.  I head home in the morning; Jane and Gail go on to Finland and Estonia for a few days.

Old Forio
It will take a return trip to get into the family lines here in Forio.  And why not return.  A small studio at the villa in the wonter is 600 euros a month.  A MONTH.  I see it in the future, with time also in San gregorio, finally learning the language spoken around me during childhood.  I did learn that what little I spoke was pure Gregoriano dialect.

It would be wonderful to continue the search right now, but it is time to return to other passions.  The Governor of North Carolina has six more days to veto that state's fast track frack bill.  In NY, the governor's decision is imminent and those communities on the"Frack Me First" list will do just that.  Perhaps I need to call on my Neopolitan roots and hit the streets!

Which DiMeglio?

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  1. I have so much to catch up on...look fwd to all the stories